ARETI Rooms are located in the cosmopolitan, tourist village of Olympic Coast of Katerini. All rooms have: TV, AIR CONDITIONING, KITCHEN, BATHROOM.It is 70 km from Thessaloniki city. In the blue sea 100 meters in front of the hotel you can enjoy the sun, sea and water sports. Starting from our hotel you can enjoy sightseeing tours as it is only 22 km from Olympus and 24 km from the archaeological site of Dion or visit Vergina, Pella, Edessa waterfalls, Meteora, Athens, etc. Delphi and Thessaloniki.

Olympic Coast is located in the center of the Prefecture of Pieria and is administratively owned by the Municipality of Katerini. It connects to the coast of the beach with a lighted seaside boulevard, with a parallel bike path and pedestrian street for night walks and unforgettable mornings. Just 8 km from Katerini, it is easily accessible from the E75 National Motorway (junction: Katerini or Korinou) and the newly completed seaside road from Nea Agathoupoli to the Olympic Coast (Katerinoskala). The Olympic Coast is located in the Prefecture of Pieria, between the Prefectures of Thessaloniki and Larissa, on the road axis of the Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway (E75). By Road: You can travel by Buses of KTEL, TAXI, IX. cars, motorcycles. KTEL Tel. Athens Station 210 8317059. KTEL Information Tel. Agency of Thessaloniki 231 0519101 KTEL Information Tel. Larissa Agency 241 0537773. KTEL Larissa, Tel. 241 0537737. Information: KTEL Prefecture of Thesprotia, Tel. 2665 022309 Information: KTEL Achaia Prefecture, Tel. 261 0623885 KTEL PIERIAS N.: KATERINI, Tel. 2351 023313, 2351 029317. KTEL Public Transport Katerini Tel. 2351 029339, 2351 023352. Railroad: From Athens Tel. 210 3624402, 210 05298837, 210 8237741. – From Thessaloniki Tel: 231 0517517. – From Larissa Tel: 241 0236250, 241 0590163, 241 0590263. – From Patra via Athens Tel. 261 0639102, 2610 277441. – From Alexandroupolis Tel. 2551 026395. KATERINI RAILWAY STATION. Tel: 2351 023709. By air: From Athens via Thessaloniki, “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport, Tel .: 210 3530000. – Via Thessaloniki, Macedonia Airport, Tel. 231 0473212. Olympic Airways, Tel. 231 0408411. By boat: – You can reach small privately owned boats from anywhere in Greece in the small port of Katerini Beach.


Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece known worldwide mainly for its mythological context, as at the top of it (Mytikas-2,918 m.) Lived the Twelve “Olympian” Gods according to the religion of the ancient Greeks. It is also the second highest mountain in the Balkans, but also throughout Europe from the Alps to the Caucasus. Its compact mountain range dominates the boundaries of Macedonia and Thessaly, with a series of high peaks grooving deep ravines, around which extends an area of ​​particular biodiversity. To protect this unique heritage, it was proclaimed as early as 1938 the first National Park of Greece.

Ancient Dion

Dion, the capital of Philip, was an ancient city of strategic importance and one of the most famous Macedonian states. The geographical location of ancient Zeus lies on the eastern foot of Mount Olympus, where the homonymous town now stands. The city seems to have been founded by the Perevians of Thessaly, in honor of Zeus (according to the historian Dimitsas). The name of the city is attributed to Zeus. Each year the “Zeus” became the center of the temple of the Father of the Gods. In Dion there were also the Olympic Games and epic celebrations and sacrifices.


At the southern end of the Macedonian plain, perched at the foot of the Pieria, are the Aigai, “the place with many flocks”, the first Macedonian town. Aigai becomes the cradle of the Timenid dynasty, which will rule Macedonia for four centuries and give humanity to Philip II and his son Alexander the Great, the man who started the Aigai changed the history of the world.