A golden sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers, clean sand and shallow sea, Olympic Beach awarded regularly and for many years the European Blue Flag, and attracts large number of tourists every summer.
The village of Olympic Coast is a cosmopolitan tourist resort, where arriving each summer by thousands of visitors who enjoy a high level of service to one of the most organized beaches.
Numerous restaurants, taverns and all media focusing waiting to taste both local and international cuisine. Many and varied clubs cater for entertainment and nightlife.
Exotic landscapes, magical colors, flaming sunsets, romantic rays of the moon, rich, bright flowers and an array of colorful flowers, tasty oranges, fragrant lemons, intriguing caves, golden sand and clean sea mainly by the turquoise and emerald color will fascinate you.
The Olympic Coast is located in the center of Pieria and belongs to the Municipality of Katerini. Connected to the shore of Paralia illuminated quay, while bicycle and pedestrian for night walks and memorable breakfasts.
Just 8 km from Katerini, it is easily accessible from the National Motorway E75 (Junctions: Katerini Corinne) and the recently completed coastal road from New Agathoupoli to Olympic Coast (Katerinoskala).
The Olympic Coast is located in Pieria prefecture, among the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Larissa, on the road from the National Highway (E75) Athens - Thessaloniki.
You can travel by KTEL buses, taxis, cars cars, motorcycles.
Information K.T.E.L.Til. Terminal Athens 210 8317059.
Information BUS Agency Thessaloniki Tel 231 0519101
Information BUS Tel 241 0537773 Larissa Agency. BUS Larissa, Tel 241 0537737.
Information: KTEL Thesprotia, Tel 2665 022309
Information: KTEL Achaia, Tel 261 0623885
BUS N. Pieria Katerini, Phone: 2351 023313, 2351 029317.
BUS Urban Transport Katerini Tel 2351 029339, 2351 023352.
From Athens Tel 210 3624402, 210 05298837, 210 8237741. -
From Thessaloniki Tel: 231 0517517. -
By Larissa Tel: 241 0236250, 241 0590163, 241 0590263. -
From Athens via Patras Tel 261 0639102, 2610 277 441. -
From Alexandroupolis Tel 2551 026 395.
From Athens via Thessaloniki Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", Tel: 210 3530000. -
Through Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia", Tel 231 0473212. Olympic Airways, Tel 231 0408411.
By boat: -
You can also reach small private boats from anywhere in Greece in the small ports of Paralia.
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